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Changes at CASC (December 2014)

The Cambodian Acid Survivors Charity (CASC) was established in 2006 as a direct response to the lack of services and the limited options for medical treatment made available to acid burn survivors in Cambodia.  Recognizing that survivors need long-term care to heal and rebuild, CASC expanded its programs to provide a range of services including: psychological, social, and legal support.

For the elimination of acid violence in Cambodia, CASC began advocating for legal reform for harsher penalties for perpetrators and calling for the stricter regulation of acid. CASC has been instrumental in reducing the incidence of acid attacks by being a major referral force to the media by providing updates on victims, statistics of attacks and general commentary. Outrage and societal pressure led to the passage of the Acid Law criminalizing and penalizing perpetrators of attacks in January 2012, and to the passage of the regulations governing the sale and use of concentrated acid in January 2013 through a Sub-decree. Such legislation has caused the number of attacks to drop from 36 survivors in 2010 to 6 survivors in 2014. 

As a consequence, CASC has reduced the scope of its activities and consequent budget but remains capable of scaling up rapidly should the numbers of attacks increase again if the legislation is not followed by implementation. CASC will continue to provide free surgical care to acid burn survivors through the Children’s Surgical Centre (CSC). The Legal Unit, Social Work Program, Acid Burn Survivors Support Group (ABSSG), and Bags by Acid Burns Survivors (BABS) programs will be suspended in 2015. 

CASC is so grateful for the generous support received over the years making our work possible in helping to make a difference in the lives of acid burn survivors and the campaign to end acid violence in Cambodia. 

For more information about CASC's accomplishments and work to date, see this PDF.

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Petal IconWho We Are

Founded in 2006, the Cambodian Acid Survivors Charity is a non-profit based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, that works with survivors of acid attacks using a holistic approach - addressing both the physical and mental damage inflicted upon survivors of acid attacks.

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CASC provides medical treatment, rehabilitation, support and skills training for acid burn survivors. We promote education and awareness in the safe handling and storage of acid, and work to eradicate acid violence by encouraging strict regulatory action at the national level.

Petal IconWhy It's Needed

Often, acid attack survivors are shunned by society, left without access to important medical care and unable to provide for their families. CASC addresses an important need by helping these victims heal, find work, and restore the potential that was taken away during the attack.


'Stolen Faces' documentary airs on Channel News Asia

'Stolen Faces' follows CASC survivor, Kong Touch, among other survivors of acid attacks in Cambodia and India. Examine the devastating experiences of acid attack victims in Phnom Penh and Delhi, through their personal stories of trauma, recovery and hope. Hear true stories of women on a journey to regain more than just their appearances.

Please check the schedule to confirm the broadcast time in your region. It will also be aired later on Channel News Asia International in over 20 territories across Asia, covering the Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, North East Asia, and Australia.



acid burn survivors have been recorded by CASC, 322 of whom were provided with acute burn surgery, treatment, and/or supportive services

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